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Genuine Catholic Information for Honest Seekers

replying to the disinformation in Evangelical Outreach's "Information for Catholics"

Chapter 8 of Truth for Catholics

"One feeling that stands out in my mind was the sense of horror and betrayal I felt at having been deceived about the Catholic Church. For the most part the misinformation we had imbibed was unintentionally given us by sincere though ignorant Protestant preachers and writers. But I realized unhappily that some of these deceptions were knowingly perpetrated by 'professional' anti-Catholic Protestants: most ex-Catholics, and some even ex-priests". (Julie Swenson)

The Information [sic] for Catholics website at Evangelical Outreach (EO) is no place to look if you really what to find out about Catholic beliefs and practices. Oh, that is the place to look if you want to find out the typical Protestant misunderstandings of Catholic beliefs and practices, and a whole mess of illogic, wrong history, and — worst of all — distortion of the Sacred Scriptures. But, if you really want to know what the Catholic Church actually teaches, Information [sic] for Catholics ain't the place.

On this page, I have some places to look for genuine Catholic information.

The Holy Bible

On-line Bibles

(There are more links to on-line Bibles on my CatholicPage.)

Catholic perspectives on the Holy Bible

Catholic references and resources

Collections of topical articles

Explanations of the Catholic faith

Histories of the Catholic Church

Special websites refuting certain anti-Catholic propaganda

Here are some websites devoted to refuting the anti-Catholic propaganda that can be found in some pretty bad Protestant literature, whether in print or on the 'Net:

Apologetics websites of former Protestants now Catholics

Conversion stories

Some Protestants who have recently converted (or reverted) to the Catholic Church have their stories on the Web:

Many of the preceding stories are from the ICTHUS website, where you can find more testimonies on their God is Alive! (Witnesses to Catholic Faith) webpage. And Dave Armstrong has quite a few Conversion and Converts pages and links.

Andrew Abela has stories of The Great Converts: "Biographies of famous (and lesser known) people who were seeking the meaning of life, and ended up joining the Catholic Church. Say what?!".

And William Klimon has links to Converts in The Catholic Encyclopedia.

Groups/Sites for and of Catholic converts

St. Ignatius of Antioch
(circa AD 110)

You must all follow the bishop
as Jesus Christ follows the Father,
and the presbytery as you would the Apostles....
Wherever the bishop appears, let the people be there;
just as wherever Jesus Christ is,
there is the Catholic Church.

Letter to the Smyrnaeans
quoted in W. A. Jurgens, The Faith of the Early Fathers, vol. 1
(Collegeville, MN: The Liturgical Press, 1970), page 25

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